How to Make a Cardboard Dog House for $0


how to make a cardboard dog house cheap

Does your adorable fuzz ball need a house of his own? You can make him a stylish new home for $0 using items lying around your home.

For this cardboard doghouse DIY project, you’re going to need the following materials:

⦁ 2 cardboard boxes (same size)
⦁ Optional tiny box for the chimney
⦁ Glue Gun
⦁ Tape
⦁ Black Marker
⦁ Ruler
⦁ Cutting Tool
⦁ Cartridge Paper

Note: If you don’t have any cardboard boxes lying around, don’t worry! Most grocery stores give away free boxes near their checkout counters. You can take as many as you need!
how to make a cardboard dog house for cheap cardboard craftingOpen 1 cardboard box and lay it flat on the ground. Draw two windows and a door using a ruler and black marker. You can draw another door if you want the house to have a backdoor as well.

Using a sharp cutting tool follow along the black line to cut open the door. When cutting the windows, make sure to be really carefull so that you do not cut on the black lines. You want to cut out 4 squares for each window.
On the back of the window, tape some cartridge paper. Make sure to flatten out any wrinkles before you tape. Putting paper over the windows will allow the house to have some sunlight while giving your pet some extra privacy from any other pets in your house.

Cut out one side of the second box and mark a line down the middle between the flaps. Use your ruler and cutting tool to cut along the line without cutting all the way through to the other side.

Bend the cardboard to make a roof. The cardboard should stay intact when you fold it.

You can decorate the roof with some shingles or other fun designs.

Cut out another piece of cardboard from the seocnd box and use it to trace around the opening of the roof and the side of the house. Cut this peice out and glue it to the side of the house and attach the roof.

Optional steps:
Using a tiny box, trace the triangular shape of the roof on each side of the box and cut along your markings. The box should fit snuggly on top of the roof. Use glue to secure it in place.

You can add a window on the door,decorate the windows and even hang up some cute little posters in your dog or cat’s new home.

Your pets will love you to pieces! Enjoy!



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